Daniel Kawczynski – MP for Shrewsbury, and the Conservative Party.



Words cannot begin to express my contempt for this man. He is the very epitome of the selfish, career politician who cares only for the advancement of that career, and not for the people he is supposed to serve.

I spent several years arguing with him via mail and email. He is not very intelligent, well-informed, or good at his job, so winning the arguments 100% of the time was laughably easy. In fact eventually I realised that winning wouldn’t change anything and was ultimately pointless – all I had really achieved was a deeply upsetting realisation of the sneering indifference of this man, and the many like him that continue to blight British politics. In the interests of my health, both mental and physical (grappling with the amoral doublethink of the man and those like him for so long led me to become insomniac with dangerously high blood-pressure) I accepted the fact that it was time to bring things to a close.


Hired shill for the brutally oppressive Saudi regime, shill for Putin, ‘author’ of books that bear a striking resemblance to the work of unwitting unpaid interns, consummate yes-man, with very little between his ears other than thoughts of the advancement of D.Kawcynski. Up the ziggurat lickety-split!

I was so sickened that I burned all of his letters and permanently deleted all of the email I sent. However I couldn’t resist the the urge to mock him after his humiliating appearance on Newsnight, defending his sleazy unethical links with the Saudis. The letter I sent to him follows:





29th September 2015


Dear Mr Kawczynski,


Felicitations! It has been a while, hasn’t it?

It was truly heartwarming to watch your lacklustre performance on Newsnight, whilst trying to defend your wealthy friends in the Middle East. I think I enjoyed it even more than when you were caught bullying disabled people outside the House of Commons! If an average Joe like me was able to consistently outwit and embarrass you over a wide range of political issues for years, what did you think was going to happen on Newsnight, where people are paid to do it professionally?

I hear you are considering suing. A tad unfair don’t you think? All Mr O’Brien did was point out the many examples of your faulty thinking, poor judgement, and conflict of interest on the subject (is Sayyida al-Hamra providing satisfying dividends alongside the thousands you are paid to enjoy Saudi hospitality?). Perhaps you should sue yourself.

Will you be enlightening the masses again with another tome full of knowledge of the distant lands of Arabia? I’m sure there are some unsuspecting folks who can help you out with a few chapters.

Are you still replying within five working days and writing your own letters instead of using templates? It was my pleasure to help show you that an MP should listen to, and properly consider, the views and concerns of all his constituents; not just the ones that will not impede the advancement of his career. And remember – what did we learn? George Osborne is either a liar or a tax evader!

In the interest of helping you to arrive at a new perspective on your misunderstood friends overseas, I enclose a link to an online petition you should sign, which protests the scheduled beheading (and later crucifixion and display of his body as a warning to others) of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, by the Saudi authorities. He was arrested when he was 17 for participating in demonstrations against the government, then he was allegedly convicted under torture. Hilarious that this is the same country that was just chosen to head a UN Human Rights Council panel, isn’t it? Actually no. It isn’t.


For further perspective – Saudi Arabia has executed more than 100 people this year. That’s a rate of one person every two days.

On that note I will sign off, and state that no reply is requested or desired. I have satisfied myself after much deliberation and consideration of evidence that you have nothing to say that is worth reading or listening to.

Looking forward to your next public humiliation,

Yours sincerely,


David Palmer



Politics is a divisive and upsetting thing (I have to ration the amount of time I spend reading about it nowadays to avoid a slip into the realms of sleeplessness and rage again). It is particularly divisive and upsetting when it causes rifts between old friends. “Don’t discuss politics” goes the bullshit advice, but sod that; if you can’t tell friends what you think about the way the world is run, then whom?


Sometimes friends believe stupid crap and they have to be set straight if you have any respect for them.

What follows is an email I sent to a friend who really should know better (names have been changed in the interests of privacy.)



Hi *Reginald*

I’ve got to say that the last time I saw you in person, you were a bit weird. Asking me what I thought of your BMW and telling me how many thousands it cost you, asking if I had a job and that you didn’t want to bring it up in front of everyone else because of how “embarrassing” it would be. Then telling me in a smug, condescending voice every five minutes that you were a “right wing Conservative”.  I’ve already had this sort of thing from *Aloysius* – although in a far more ignorant and insulting manner; he told me it was typical of “someone like me” to support any government that would let me “live on handouts” because I had been doing it for so long it was all I knew. I had left an expensive crosstrainer there when I moved out, and I had called him to ask if he wouldn’t mind paying a token sum for it as he was using it quite a bit. He agreed seemingly happily, but later told me again that it was typical of “someone like me” to come “begging round and guilt-tripping him to scrounge money”. These little doozies were followed by a lengthy rant on how “thousands of unskilled immigrants” were pouring in to the country to claim benefits.

As it happened I wasn’t on any benefits and hadn’t been for years, but even when I told him this he didn’t apologise – he just said that despite my terrible flaws I had my good points (common-sense and intelligence apparently).

I have tremendous respect for your opinions on a great range of matters, and I would certainly never assume to talk down to you or sneer at your knowledge – particularly in areas that you are expert in.

I’ve been deeply invested and interested in politics for well over a decade; I spent over three years of that arguing (via email and post) with the MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, Daniel Kawczynski, about a variety of matters. I say without any arrogance that I always won – in fact I was almost embarrassed on his behalf eventually. A little background here – this is a man who is (or was) a junior secretary for Wales and envoy to Saudi Arabia. Despite those lofty achievements he is merely a vapid and myopic person, who thinks of himself and his career before all else. All of the concerns I brought to him were met with sneering responses, or just ignored.

This is also a man who thinks nothing of shamelessly sucking-up to the Saudi elite – a brutal totalitarian regime that has one of the highest (if not the highest) number of executions (usually beheadings, then the body is crucified in public as a lesson to others) per annum in the world, for ‘crimes’ such as attending protests and openly speaking out against the government. This is also a man who openly supports the sale of UK-manufactured arms to the Saudis so that they can brutally repress the people of Yemen – a country which has been bombed and blasted so horrendously that their infrastructure has been completely destroyed. They will now rely on foreign aid for the foreseeable future to stop the people who are still left alive from starving. I’m sure the irony of someone with a Polish name and ancestry helping a brutal fascist regime dehumanise and slaughter people is probably lost on him.

He operates a shell company called ‘Sayyida al-Hamra’ which lets him work as ‘consultant’ to the Saudis, for which he receives undisclosed sums of money. He ‘wrote’ a book called Seeking Gaddafi about the search for Colonel Gaddafi. Concerns were raised about the seemingly random nature of the chapters in the book, and how they all seemed to be written in noticably different styles and ran for a few thousand words. This was a short time after he held interviews for unpaid interns to work at his constituency office. Part of the selection process was a 5000-word essay on Colonel Gaddafi and the Middle-East.


Now we will move onto the Conservatives.

A party that has had more members under investigation for electoral fraud, expenses fraud, and general corruption, than all the other parties combined.

Remember the Leveson investigation of newspapers like The Sun? They were implicated in instances of the harassment of the families of murder victims (hounding for comments, private detectives, bugging phones), the families of the Hillsborough tragedy victims (The Sun ran and was forced to retract front page stories about how Liverpool fans had started the riot deliberately, when it was the mismanagement of the police which led to so many deaths), exerting financial and political pressure on members of the government, and on and on. Jeremy Hunt was called to explain why he had been sharing encouraging and informal texts with Rupert Murdoch during his first failed attempting buy a controlling stake in BSkyB (Hunt was at the time in charge of impartially considering Murdoch’s application). Jeremy could not understand why Judge Leveson thought this was a conflict of interest.

That was merely round one of course; round two consists of deeper investigations into all the allegations of illegal activity, and will probably end in court appearances and sentencing. Despite saying that the Conservatives were “deeply committed” to the second round, now that it is time to begin they have withdrawn all support and are desperately seeking to discredit and ignore it.

They enthusiastically promote the notion that if anyone wants to be rich, no matter who they are, all they have to do is work hard. Patent lies: for the handful of uber-wealthy elite to enjoy their lifestyles there must be millions of unwashed plebs supporting their ignorance and extravagance. Wealth on a large enough scale means access to, and influence on, all the top politicians.

They combine this with a ubiquitous, well-funded, highly effective media campaign aiming to undermine anyone with a different point of view from them. They use a range of negative tactics along with the supportive network of Britain’s mostly right-wing newspapers to attack the members of society they see as rotting away the economic and moral fibre of Britain – single mothers, refugees, children, the working classes, the homeless, the unemployed and the elderly. All of the people incapable of protecting themselves; all the people with the least political representation and the weakest voice in the media; the people most in need of help.

While cutting expenditure on all manner of social, health, and educational services they spend more and more on the military, on subsidies to attract foreign companies and on supposedly making Britain more competitive in the world economy. From the days of the poll tax to tighter immigration laws, all of their policies are thinly veiled attempts at polarising wealth further, at making the rich richer and blaming the poor for their position in society. The old Victorian values of poverty being well-deserved punishment for inherent flaws and unworthiness are still very much alive.

After the economic collapse earlier this century, there should have been legislation and regulation to ensure that irresponsible idiot bankers could not do this again, and their wages and ridiculous bonuses should have been capped. But instead here we are with recession being blamed on the latest bogeymen (foreigners, scroungers), and after an astronomical bailout from taxpayers, bankers are still up to their old tricks (insider trading, pump-and-dump schemes, laundering money for terrorists and drug cartels).

Theresa May tells us there is not enough money to inject into the desperately underfunded NHS, at the same time as being married to a man who is wealthy because of his involvement with a hedge fund worth hundreds of billions of pounds, that is mainly interested in helping corporations to avoid paying tax.

I do not feel that any political party truly represents me. However, the Conservatives have never been in the business of helping people and improving society. They seek only to pursue their ideology of a free-market paradise, and will use a myriad of methods to discredit anyone who gets in their way. My only political view these days is not the Conservatives.

I could go on like this for thousands and thousands of words.

I do not seek to belittle or offend you, but this is important and it saddens me to see a friend whom I respect spouting such knee-jerk, uninformed waffle. I doubt I will be seeing much of *Aloysius* again, which deeply upsets me. I am sure you just see this sort of thing as annoying lefty crap, but I can assure you I started my research all those years ago with no bias towards any party left or right.

My position is not a political one. It is a morally correct one.

I will sign off now. I hope you and *your new ocelot* are doing well, old friend.

Love and respect,





So if you have to offend people to prove a point, do it. Some things are too important to worry about hurting people’s feelings.



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